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Holster Girl Holster Vs. Purse Carry

Holsters Vs. Purse Carry

Gun Holsters Vs. Purse Carry: Which To Choose?

This is a really tough but interesting topic to write on; and we at Holster Girl want to outline some facts you should consider before choosing to carry a gun off body or on-body.

I will approach this topic objectively, though I must say am not a fan of carrying hand guns off body for a good number of reasons. I believe that most women who carry guns off body do it by default. They have probably never

  given serious consideration to carrying one on-body.

In this write up, we will see the benefits and drawbacks of purse carrying; and in the end you will make your choice.

Here we go.

  • Clothing

This is the major reason why 90% of women carry guns off body. Their dress codes. They tend to believe that you would need to be properly dresses, or should I say heavily dressed, to carry guns on-body. But this is far from true. Most clothing that women wear would work for concealed carry; with no alterations whatsoever. Let’s look at some examples.

  • tight, skimpy shirts and classic bootleg jeans – this is a great ankle carry outfit
  • low-rise, wide-legged polyester pants that so many women wear to the office would work well with ankle holsters too
  • What about shrug sets? If the cardigan hits the waist, it can conceal a behind-the-hip holster; if the cardigan is short, the outfit will probably work well with a belly band.

There is always a way to make minor alterations to achieve on-body carry. The problem might arrive with skimpy fancy dressings. In this situation, a purse carry might be the only option.

  • Expenses

If you do decide on purse carry, then it would be wise to invest in a purse holster. This might be a bit more expensive than you normal purse but well worth it. Drawing from your purse could be really challenging in dire situations but a purse holster puts this to rest. So if you do decide on off body, invest in a purse holster. We do have some quality and affordable purse holsters here at Holster Girl. Check them out.

  • Firearm Choice

When carrying on-body, the limiting factor would be size. You would need a gun that you could shoot comfortably and fast.

However, for purse carry the challenge would be weight rather than size. The limiting factor here is weight. You should however bear in mind that heavier guns are more pleasant to shoot because of low recoil.

  • Accidental discharging

If you do decide to go with purse carry, then you should bear in mind that no other object should share the compartment with your gun. This is to prevent accidental discharge. Not your lipstick, car keys or whatsoever. Accidents do happen with objects clustered with your gun in a purse.

  • Loss

A very notable drawback to purse carry is that you could lose your purse to snatchers. This would be good compared to losing your purse to an adversary. You would have unwittingly armed him. This is near impossible with on-body carry.

  • Speed of draw and ease of access

It is far easier to draw your gun when on-body compared to purse carry. The time spent rummaging through your purse in agitation is enough for your adversary to take advantage of.

In conclusion, you should know as a lady that it is not enough to carry a gun; you should be able to access it fast and easy. If you do decide to go with purse carry, then practice drawing from your purse. Invest in a purse holster today. Your life could well depend on it.