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Gun Terminoligy

Gun Terminologies: Ladies, Know Your Gun

The gun world was once believed to be a man’s world; but not anymore. Things have changed in the last few decades and some women can handle a gun even better than most men.

However, some ladies are still completely clueless on the make-up of a gun; that is what makes a gun ticks. Though the primary role of a woman is to take care of the family and leave protection for the man, that doesn’t mean a lady shouldn’t know her gun, and know it well. Situations and circumstances could arise where you have to stand up for your family and self. This is where knowing the basics come into play.

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The Make Up of a Gun


  • Bullets


A bullet is the actual projectile that fires out of a gun. They are usually made of lead; though there could be custom made bullets. They may be covered with a thin copper-alloy jacket that serves various purposes.


  • Cartridges


These are individual complete units of ammunition. A single cartridge consists of a bullet that is set tightly into one end of a powder-filled metal case. Cartridges are what you load into a gun. Handgun cartridges are generally sold in boxes of 50.


  • Calibre


Calibre, in everyday usage, refers to a particular cartridge configuration. This configuration consists of bullet diameter, case size, and case shape. Examples are the .38 Special, .44 Magnum, or 9 millimetre Luger. Most rifles are designed to shoot only one particular calibre, but some handguns can shoot cartridges of two or more different calibres.


With this in mind, you should know that bullets; the actual projectiles; come in many weights and designs, even for one particular calibre. These different weights and designs allow bullets to be custom-made for particular applications, such as target shooting, hunting, self-defence, etc. 


A well-stocked ammunition dealer or store will have several bullet options available for each calibre, and all of them can be shot in any gun of that calibre.


  • Handguns


Handguns come in two basic types. The first type is the revolver, which has a visible rotating cylinder that holds the ammunition.


Double-action revolvers; the type that should catch your interest for self-defence; requires a comparatively long firm trigger pull to fire. A single pull of the trigger rotates the cylinder (putting a fresh cartridge in position) and fires the gun. Revolvers typically hold five or six cartridges. The second type is the pistol (or semi-automatic). Pistols hold ammunition in an internal magazine.


  • Trigger


Most ladies must have heard that word…..trigger. Pulling the trigger on a pistol fires the gun. The gun then uses the energy of the "explosion" to automatically load a fresh cartridge in position, ready to fire. Pistols available in the market can hold up to eighteen (or more) cartridges.


  • Rounds


In conclusion, a round refers to either a complete cartridge or to just the bullet, depending on the context, which will generally make it clear.


Well, these are the basic terminologies that all ladies ought to know. For your handgun accessories; cartridges, holsters and cleaning kits; be sure to check up our store and pick your choice.


You never know, a decision like this today could end up saving your life.