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Gun Education for Children: How Necessary

Gun Education for Children: How Necessary?

It must be given that children and the young generally are curious creatures. They were made that way and if we go down memory lane, we would agree that (as women) we were once that much curious. The sight of a gun thus arouses the curiosity of a child; and this is why the right education should be given to your child. If you deny a child this right, she would most likely learn it somewhere else; either from the TV or a misguided mentor.

Guns can save lives; your life and the lives of your loved ones. Firearms could also be dangerous in the hands of a young untrained person; especially children. This is why you MUST train your child on how to attend to a gun. Most parents think that it is not necessary. How far from the truth they are. You might think that your gun is well stored and locked; but you are forgetting how far the curiosity of a child can go.

It is very important for your child to know what to do if she / he see a gun lying around anywhere and it is your responsibility to train them thus.

It was reported in the 2002 edition of Injury Facts from the National Safety Council that in 1999 alone, 3,385 children and youth of between 0-19 years of age were killed with a gun. This includes homicides, suicides, and unintentional injuries. If this doesn’t sober you up, as a guardian, then nothing would. Not even this post.

Teaching Your Children: The What and the How

I believe you now see the NEED of training and teaching your children about guns and safety. But the question is, what do you teach these children and how? The best thing a parent can do is being open and honest and teaching them about guns and safety rather than ordering them around to stay clear of the gun closet. This will only arouse their curiosity the more. Children need to know the difference of what being killed on TV and in real life is.

If there are toy guns in the house, you may want to use them to demonstrate gun handling and safety and how they differ in real life from real firearms.

Aside that, you may want to let your children watch you shoot a water lemon and experience the noise and damage that a real gun can do. When they are matured enough; which could be determined by each parents; you should teach them how to load and shoot a gun.

Children are curious…..simple!

There’s no way in the world they would follow parental instructions to keep away from the vicinity of guns when they know where they are in the home. They just don’t have that self-discipline.

Therefore, we at Holster Girl believe that you not just educate them about the safety issues, but about guns themselves, along with how they work and safe handling. We have enough information at Holster Girl to get started with.

The NRA Rules of Gun Safety for Children

The NRA has the following rules for children when it comes to gun safety. When a child sees a gun, they are to:

  • STOP!
  • Don't Touch
  • Leave the Area
  • Tell an Adult

It is important that the above steps be impressed on the child. The first two steps above are perhaps the most important which goes against the natural impulses of a child. Then the child should leave the area and inform a responsible adult immediately.

Teaching gun safety to a child is a responsibility of all parents; and none should shy away from it.