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Hoppes Cleaning Kits: Best Gun Cleaning Kits Review

Gun cleaning is a fundamental step in keeping your gun in a healthy condition. Every lady who owns a gun ought to know how to carry out this out herself. To do this, you need a cleaning kit that will keep your gun not only clean; but prolonged life-span. A well maintained gun could live for decades.

The question often asked is: which is the best cleaning kit in the market? Well, this is a tough one because there are several cleaning kits out there that could do the job neatly of keeping your gun both well cleaned ready for action.

Some ladies pay good attention to their guns. Some give a lovers attention to their guns. This is not because they are gun freaks or trigger happy, but because they know that a well-cared for gun could save their lives in very dire situations. You don’t need to be a cow girl, or Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raiders to take care of your gun(s). Imagine a gun jamming up as an adversary attacks you. You might not live to tell the story.

Below, we have treated the best cleaning kits available in the market, and we have them well stocked here at Holster Girl.

Hoppes handgun, Rifle and Shotgun Cleaning Kit


There is hardly any gunsmith or gun store owner who doesn’t know of Hoppe’s product. It can be found in any reputable store.  They are one of the renowned companies and have been in the business for God-knows-when.

The Hoppes standard cleaning kit works on a push-through mechanism, where the cleaning rod/brush/patch combination are pushed through the bore of the gun to scrub away fouling and to apply solvent/cleaning patches.

The kit comes with the following:

  1. Hoppes #9 solvent, which is believed to be one of the most well-known, staple solvents in the world.
  2. Basic selections of aluminium cleaning rods and extensions
  3. A couple of plastic jags
  4. A couple of patches and patch holders
  5. Few brushes and gun oil

This is an effective no-nonsense kit. However be careful when using the aluminium cleaning rods to avoid scratching the inner walls of the gun barrel.

  • Hoppes Boresnake Cleaning Kit

This is the next generation of cleaning kit from Hoppes. It works on a push-through system, but instead of ramming a brush/patch tipped rod through the bore and risking scratching the interior of the barrel, the pull-through wipes everything clean with subsequent pulls of the cleaning “rope” through the barrel.

The kit comes with:

  1. Calibre/ gauge-specific bore snake
  2. 2 oz. aerosol can of classic Hoppes #9 solvent
  3. 2 ¼ fl. oz. plastic squeeze bottle of Hoppes lubricating oil
  4. Anti-rust gun wipes in sealed packets
  5.  Extra room for other small tools / cleaning components

The hoop-and-loop closures in this kit keep the pouch of the kit sealed up air-tight.

The Hoppes collections of cleaning kit are some of the best around and we have them ALL here. If you need it, we SHOP it. Take a look around our Cleaning Kit category and make a pick of one of our Hoppes products that meets with your taste.

Ladies, remember that your hand gun is your best friend, more like a lover. He (the gun) could be that one source to save you from a very dangerous situation; so keep him (the gun) clean ALWAYS.