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Holster Girl Gun Cleaning 101

Gun Cleaning 101

Ladies Guide To Gun Cleaning: Gun Cleaning 101

Gun cleaning is an important part of gun maintenance that everyone; even ladies should know. That being said, even if there is a man in the house that could do the gun cleaning, ladies should learn how to clean their guns.

The writer of this post is a lady, and I will show you how I clean my revolver. The way you do it, or the way someone you know does it might be different but so long as it gets the job done, then no beefing from either side.

The question every new gun owner often always asks is; how often should a gun be cleaned? Should it be cleaned after every shooting? Well, some will say it all depends.

Back in the days when buffalos and deer roamed the mountain plains, black-powder rifles were used for hunting which had to be cleaned immediately because it was and is still such a corrosive substance it will ruin the gun if fouling were left in the barrel. Modern gun powder is not corrosive and so won’t eat through the barrel of your gun.

However, the fouling does affect reliability. Un-cleaned guns could jam; and this would be a disaster in very dire situations. Poorly-cleaned or un-cleaned firearms are thus far less reliable than their well-cleaned and properly lubricated counterparts.

So, I would advise you clean your defensive gun immediately after every shooting; even if it were just a few shots. You never know, your life could depend on the functionalities of your gun.

Here is how every lady could get a gun cleaned without soliciting for help in 13 easy steps

The Cleaning kit

You can get a gun cleaning kit from Holster Girl.

  • A bottle of solvent
  • A bottle of lubricating oil
  • A rod
  • A jag (attaches to the end of the rod)
  • A patch holder (attaches to the end of the rod)
  • Patches

Step 1 – ensure that your gun is not loaded and pointed in a safe direction.

Step 2 – get your cleaning kit together; in the same place.

Step 3 – now, tie an old sock around the rear cylinder opening. This is to protect the revolver from damage when the bore brush gets pushed through the barrel.

Step 4 – dip corresponding bore brush into cleaning solving. Your kit should come with different size brushes. You should pick the right one. It’s often times imprinted at the base of the bore brush.

Step 5 – pass the bore brush through the barrel of the gun. Naturally, you will experience some hand twisting as the bore brush riffles through the gun. Don’t stop until the brush exits through the other end of the gun.

Step 6 – Take a cleaning patch and dip it in cleaning solvent then feed it all the way through the barrel of the gun. Do this several times if your barrel is really dirty.

Step 7 – use a brush to clean around the muzzle of the gun. A tooth brush will serve well if your kit didn’t come with a brush. Then use a cleaning solvent to clean the rear cylinder opening.

Step 8 – use the brush again to brush the cylinders both inside and outside.

Step 9 – now, clean the extractor rod with the brush and solvent. Clean both front sides then push out and clean the star and the rest of the rod normally housed between the cylinders.

Step 10 – use the bore brush and the cleaning solvent to clean each of the cylinders in the same fashion that you cleaned the barrel.

Step 11 - Use the cleaning patches in the same manner as you did with the barrel, taking the first patch and dipping it into the cleaning solvent before passing it through each individual cylinder. Clean up by using two clean patches to get any excess residue.

Step 12 – with a clean cloth, take a small amount of oil and cover up the gun with exceptions of the hand grips; both insides of the barrel and cylinders.

Step 13 – finally, wipe off the excess oil with a different rag then polish up with a silicone gun cloth. If it still looks greasy, then wipe off some more.

There, you have it. Simple easy steps to getting your gun cleaned. Note that I used a standard revolver as a case study.

The importance of gun cleaning cannot be over emphasized. As a lady, you would probably want to use disposable gloves to cover up your hands as your fingers could get messed up during cleaning.