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Concealed Carry Purse

Concealed Carry Purse

I used to be on the fence regarding whether or not I should use a carry purse for my concealed weapon. Much of the negative feedback I had gotten that pertained to the carry purse revolved around the fact that your gun would never be as readily available inside a bag as it would be on my person. Another alleged downside was the fact that you could potentially lose your purse and a weapon registered in your name would be in the hands of a criminal. It makes sense at face value, but after using my own carry purse for roughly 6 months, I can safely say that the fear is unwarranted.  

I discovered that there are many advantages to a carry purse that are all too often overlooked. Namely, you never have to worry about actually concealing your concealed weapon. No one will ever have the faintest clue that you’re carrying. You can wear literally anything, both formal and casual, and it’ll always blend in. I’ve never forgotten my purse anywhere. I contribute this to the fact that I have such a heightened awareness about where it is when I know that my weapon is concealed inside it. All things considered, I’m happy with my decision to carry my handgun in a purse.  -- HolsterGirl

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