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Concealed Carry Holsters and Outfits For Women

Concealed Carry Holsters and Outfits For Women

Women have always been reckoned to be the weaker sex; and for good reasons maybe. And so, in this friendly and unpredictable environment of ours, women ought to protect themselves. Every woman has a right to personal security. The incidents of attacks on women in the US alone is appalling; and had these women been properly educated and informed on concealed carry the story would have been different.  

It is true that a woman should protect herself; the how to is what really matters so as not to draw unusual attention to the firearm and lose the element of surprise. This is where the concealed carry holsters for women come into the picture. Here at Holster Girl, we will show you different kinds of concealed carry holsters for women and a video demonstration to go along with it.


The Shoulder Holster

This is a popular form of concealed carry among women. Using the shoulder holster, the gun can be carried in either the vertical or horizontal directions. Obviously, it requires putting on outer clothing / garments for proper concealment.

This type of concealed carry is good for women who are well built and wear clothing like suits and coats. It is especially good for someone who spends most of the day seated.

Inside the Waist Band (IWB) Holster

This could be an un-obstructive method of conceal carry for women. This method is good for women wearing jeans and for small handguns especially. However, a woman may be going for a social gathering where she has to put on a dress. In this case, the IWB becomes impractical.

In conclusion, IWB holsters are good for casuals with a dress that falls down well below the waist for proper conceal.

Thigh Holsters

This is the method of concealment that involves attaching the holster to the upper leg by an elastic band, or held in place by some sort of garter belt. This form of concealment is good for dresses where the occasion doesn’t fit pants. Thigh holsters are suitable for sub-compacts and mini guns.

However, when a lady wears a thigh holster, she is going to be careful how she displays her thighs especially if the dress or gown comes with a slit.


Ankle Holsters

This method of conceal carry is very common among career women and goes well with all forms of pants. This method is obviously impractical with dresses and shorts. It provides proper concealment though you will have to wear pants with a larger diameter.

Well, there are other methods and means of carry conceal for women and they are available here in our website. Here at Holster Girl, we stock them all. The video in this post will also show you how to carry out the conceal methods.