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Basic Gun Safety

Basic Gun Safety

Basic Gun Safety Rules for the Modern Woman

Guns, while being a good means of self-defence could also be a source of potential danger to oneself and those around us if some basic rules are not kept. A gun is not a toy to be fondled; it’s a weapon, and in the hands of a woman who hasn’t learnt to observe simple safety gun rules; it could turn into a really dangerous misshapen weapon to everyone.

In fact, one should never get a gun without knowing some simple fundamental safety rules and that is why we at Holster Girl deemed it fit to show you the rules needed for proper gun handling.

There are three fundamental NRA (National Rifle Association of America) rules for safe gun handling:


  • Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction….ALWAYS. This is the basic rule of gun safety. By safe direction, it means that the muzzle of the gun should be pointed in the safest direction so that if it were to accidentally go off, everyone would be safe. Common sense should dictate the safest direction. Never point a gun on friends or anyone you don’t intend to shoot.


  • Keep your fingers off the trigger until you are ready to shoot……ALWAYS. Your fingers should never touch the trigger until you are actually ready to fire. You may rest you fingers outside the trigger guard. Many a gun have gone off accidentally on touching the trigger when the shooter was not yet ready.


  • The gun should be kept unloaded until ready to use….ALWAYS. On picking up a gun, you should immediately engage the safety device, and if there is a magazine, remove it before opening the action and look into the chambers to ensure it’s clear of ammunition. If you don’t know how to do it, leave the gun alone and solicit the help of someone who does.



Learning Basic Gun Safety


Aside these three fundamental rules by the NRA, we at Holster Girl would want to add some additional safety rules that must be adhered to; for your own good and those around you. We are the experts.

  • Make sure you identify your target and the threat it poses before ever shooting. Don’t be trigger happy.

  • Be sure of what’s behind your target. You wouldn’t want a stray bullet hitting the wrong target.

  • Don’t shoot at solid surfaces as it may ricochet and hurt someone.

  • Never shoot your rifle or handgun at an angle of high elevation, directly upwards. Even a rimfire .22 shot at an angle is known to gather enough energy to accidentally kill someone about a mile and half away. Manslaughter is still a crime!

  • Be sure your gun and ammunitions are compatible. Only use the ammunition recommended by the manufacturer. Your firearm could malfunction and pose a threat to you if you do otherwise.

  • Use a holster that’s designed for, and which fits your handgun. We have varieties here at Holster Girl.

  • Never carry a handgun tucked in your belt, or waistband without a holster; gangster style. It may accidentally fall on a hard surface, discharge accidentally and hurt someone.

  • When not using your gun, use a simplex type locking box to secure it, which need to be kept loaded yet available for ready-access defensive use.

Well, the above are just some safety rules that everyone who owns a gun should keep to, especially the female-folks. Remember that the gun is not a toy. If well handled, it could get you out of tight situations. However, mishandling could results in accidents that could lead to a loss of life.