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My decision to be armed - from then till now.

I was in high school when Florida’s Stand Your Ground became a law. Despite my youth, I knew that when I lived on my own, I would own a gun in order to fully protect myself. A dog is always the first choice of protection for some people and myself included, but I came to realize that having a dog just wasn’t enough. After researching various pepper sprays and stun guns, I learned that they wouldn’t be much help when approached by an attacker either.

It’s easy for someone like me, who only weighs about 110 soaking wet, to be easily overpowered if I was caught off guard or attacked in any way. The risk simply wasn’t worth it, so in 2010 I became a proud owner of my very first gun- a Ruger LC9. It’s incredibly small and portable. I take it with me whenever I have to go somewhere alone or late at night. I regularly visit the local gun range where I received my gun permit and I love it. Admittedly, I was a little nervous the first time I handled a gun, but they educated me fully and now I attend regularly with a few friends I met at the range for practice - plus lasts shoot free on certain days. I now feel completely confident in my ability to carry and fire my weapon in the event that I ever need to. I’ve taken my own well-being and safety in my own hands.


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