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Best Gun Safes In The Market

Best Gun Safes In The Market

It is the responsibility of everyone who owns a gun to keep it safely locked away from both children and those who don’t know how to handle a gun. Guns are objects of curiosity and accidents could easily happen when left carelessly or in unsafe locations.

This is where Gun Safes come into play.

There are myriads of gun safes in the market, so when picking a gun safe you need to know what you are trying to protect your gun from.

  • Are you trying to prevent children from getting access to it? Then you would need a locking metal cabinet.
  • Are you trying to prevent fire accidents? Then you would need a safe that is built for withstanding high temperature.
  • Do you just need a safe to prevent gun theft? In this case you are going to need a heavy gauge steel safe with locking bolts.
  • Are you looking for a safe that you can easily access? Then an electronic locking safe would be the way to go.

Whatever your needs may be, here at Holster Girl, we have got you covered with the best gun safes in the world.

Let’s have a quick look on some of the best safes in the market at present.

GunVault Nanovault 200

When it comes to compactness, security and affordability, this is the safe you would want for your handgun. This safe, created by GunVault, is reckoned to be the #1 handgun selling safe around. It is ideal both for home and travel. It can fit easily into bags and complies with TSA guidelines.

Equipped with an easy to lock system, this safe will give you all that you want in a handgun safe. It also comes with a security cable.

GunVault MV500

Security and reliability are the top priorities when looking for a gun safe; and this is what the MV500 produces. Equipped with a NO – Eyes keypad, this brand provides you with very quick accessibility.  You don’t even have to look at the vault to open it! This could come very handy in dire situations.

It also features a high strength locking system that is impossible to open with a tool set. This ensures that burglars are kept at bay.

Barska Biometric Safe

This is a high end safe that works on fingerprint precision. It will be your wisest decision (perhaps) to choose this safe.

Completely state-of-art, it offers a unique fingerprint pad that will only detect your fingerprint or those you have assigned to it. With this, you don’t have to go fumbling for keys or trying to remember long confusing passwords. We ladies have got enough pressures already than adding some bunch of passwords to it. Let me hear an AMEN from the ladies.

When it comes to quick access, this is the safe for you!

Stack - On PS – 514

This is one of the best guns safes out there. It features solid steel, pry resistant plate steel doors, action locking bolts and concealed hinges. The PS – 514 is perhaps the best gun safes around!

Furnished with an electronic lock that is programmed with a “safety key” override, you couldn’t ask for more.  If you fail to get the right combinations after 3 attempts, the safe will time out. This is a safe you wouldn’t mind laying your hands on.

Space and time will fail us to review all the gun safes in our collection here at Holster Girl, but we do have all the best gun safes in the world. Just go check out our Gun Safes category and pick a choice.